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INTO 2018

Next Edition.



  Hello and welcome to the latest edition of Winefullness. I'm going to put this out there at the start. Sometimes the time passes really quickly between editions of Winefullness and before you know it months have gone past! There are plans to change this, but more about that in a future edition when I've had some wine and solved the problem! Now I've apologised for the past and hinted at the future, let's see what we have in this edition.

  First off, there's Paul Draper's 15 Questions and because it's been so long since the first part I've decided to print it all in full. When you read it you realise that here is a man who doesn't let a detail slip. That's probably why he continued to keep Ridge at the top of the game. You'll also notice that as a homage to one of my favourite wineries they feature on the cover.

  I've just bought this stepladder of a book entitled, 'NAPA VALLEY THEN AND NOW' and while I will review it in greater detail in a later edition (unless one of you want to do the task for me) it made me think about an article I wrote a couple of months ago that was published on Jancis Robinson's website. It's about where my enthusiasm for wine started. I've printed it here and hope that you find it of interest.

  The Guru has lept from the dark wine cellar we keep him locked in and boy has he found plenty to moan about. I feel he's really on song with his selections this time. If you disagree, please let us know.

  In the review section it was going to be the turn of a couple of places I visited, but to tell the truth I was overtaken by my memories of a lunch at The Vineyard in Newbury so the whole article

is given over to that. If you get the chance, do yourself a favour and get yourself down there to sample the many delights on offer.

  The wines reviewed in this edition are quite a mixed bunch of sips recently taken and 'The Random Six' visits Italy where this vast wine producing area gives up six different wines to try.

  In the Winefullness section Brexit rears it's head and while I know some of you will disagree with what I've written, I hope that the article gives enough pause for thought. If it doesn't there are always other joys to be had within the pages.

  Let's not forget the competition where you can wine a Winefullness t-shirt. I'm challenging you all with this one and hope that I've not made it too easy!

  You'll see that for such a small enterprise we're trying hard to punch above our weight, but here in Winefullness Towers we can only cover and do so much. If you want to submit an article, review something wine orientated or just get something off your chest, you'll get a Winefullness t-shirt if we print your article. So isn't it time you got writing



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Majestic Changes Name to Change Fortunes

We're All Going On Our Summer Holidays?

En Primeur 2018.

A Gamble or a Grumble?


At the time of writing this edition yet another En Primeur campaign has rolled into town like a class bully that has the effect of making all the other children run for cover, but for those who haven't a clue what En Primeur is or what it is so important we at Winefullness will try and make things a little bit clearer.

ssassDouble click to insert body text here ...

Majestic, has decided to change it's name and pretty soon it will have dumbed itself down and called itself Naked.

Here at Winefullness Towers it's getting close to summer and so we're feaverishly planning where in the wine world we might stop off.



Speao new features.


Tony Harries

Editor and Owner


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Hold the Press

In the words of the great Columbo, 'Just one more thing.' Although in this case it's two things

Edition 4

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Please Spare A Thought

Since the publication of this edition, terrible fires have been raging through Sonoma and Napa Counties bringing levels of fear and worry that most of us are so fortunate that we will never experience such episodes in our lives.

A lot of friends, contributors and businesses have been affected and we here at Winefullness Magazine would like to send our thoughts and support to all those who have been gripped by the uncertainty of such devastation. Please be assured that when the fires have gone, you will never be alone!


 Unfortunately this superb event has had to be postponed due to 'YOU KNOW WHAT'!

In the words of Tyson Stelzer (Organiser and Champagne Supremo) 'The uncertainty surrounding the durations of lockdowns, travel bans and mass events has led us to make the difficult and regretful decison to postpone Taste Champagne London 2020 to 10 March 2021'


It's not all bad news though because if you go to [email protected] you can read about all the fantastic tastings Tyson is organising

I cannot do this event, or the world of Champagne the justice that Tyson can so please get along to his website for more details.




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