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Two Paddocks and Sam Neill

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1: Tell me all about what Appve Spanish Wineries represents?

The APPVE, Small Spanish Wineries Association, was created as an ambassador of quality wines to promote them worldwide and introduce into the international markets. Together, also in such difficult times, uniting our efforts it´s easier to act. We love our land and cooperate with the companies that share our passion for wines and Spanish land. Our boutique wineries represent all the main regions: Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Rias Baixas, Priorat, Montsant, Rueda, Terra Alta, Tierra de Castilla, Malaga, Jerez. You can see our wines in the social media: facebook.com/appve.es and instagram.com/appve.es

2: How is the harvest in Spain shaping up at the moment?

We are having a good harvest. We had rainy spring and not very hot summer. The vendimia, grape picking, is in full swing now.

3: Which is the easiest Spanish wine region to promote and why?  

The Rioja is the easiest wine region to promote in every country, because it´s already a worldwide recognized brand. But now more and more people know such DO regions as Ribera del Duero and Priorat.

4: What was your first wine memory?

I would remember the Rioja of Reserva Category with bright oak notes. It was much time ago.

29: Are wine writers important to the industry or do they get in the way?

The wine writers have very important educational and promotional mission. You are the integral part of the wine world as the wine-makers, wine-lovers and the consumers.

30: Is there one question that you wish I’d have asked you and how would you answer it?

You should ask me "when can I come to Spain to visit your wineries (bodegas)?". Tony, you are always welcome in Spain. Thank for your questions and interest towards the Spanish wines.




Vladimir Davydkin

Marketing Manager of APPVE Association

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A Few to Try

Beaulieu Vineyard, George De Latour, Napa Valley 2015 - Great wine, youthful 5/7


'The centre of Wine Country is between the 5th and 6th chairs of my dining room table when my whole family is over.'






Diamond Creek Vineyards, Red Rock Terrace, Napa Valley 2016 - Lovely colour, integrity on the nose, Fruit forward 6/7

Long Meadow Ranch, Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley 2016 - Lovely Clarity, Great Pinot  5/7

Chateau de la Cree, 1er Cru Clos Faubard, Santenay, Burgundy -  Lovely with beautiful clarity.

DAOU Soul of a Lion, Adelaida District, Paso Robles 2016 - Glorious colour, smooth nose, lovely integration, excellent dark fruit 6/7

Cain Concept, The Benchland, Napa Valley 2010 - Beautiful nose, fruit just jumps out of the glass. 5/7

bout it. 5/7

Familia Torres, Salmos, Priorat, Spain 2016 - So integrated. Great wine. 6/7

Muga, Prado Enea, Rioja Gran Reserva 2011 - Glorious colour, lovely oak profile, smokey nose. 5/7

Champagne Philipponnat, Blanc de Noirs Extra Brut, Champagne 2012 - Wonderful nose, Excellent, lovely use of Pinot. 6/7

 Appve Spanish Wineries

Picking up those good vibrations 

photographs by Christopher D Thompson  


Two Paddocks

What says so much to me about Sam Neill and Two Paddocks is the way they refused the offer of free advertising and instead asked me to mention the following:

Their suppliers - Haynes, Hanson & Clark, Field & Fawcett & The Specialist Wine Cellar


Winefullness Magazine is more than happy to do this and also want to wish Two Paddock & Sam all the best at this difficult time.

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Beaulieu Vineyards


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5: Who in the world of wine inspires you and why?

I am personally inspired by our wine-makers, one can´t love his motherland more than the owners of our bodegas. Their professionalism, total involvement into the process, fanaticism in a positive meaning of this world and a careful attitude to the nature are amazing.

6: Where is the hidden gem of Spanish wine?

The hidden gem is a unique climate and the people that loves this land, respect the centenary traditions, but meanwhile dare to apply innovations.

7: Which five wines would you recommend to somebody who wants something different from Spanish wines that Rioja or Cava?

I wouldn´t recommend only 5 wines. Spanish land is rich in its indigenous grapes,  I would suggest the wine-lovers to explore them and don´t be shy to experiment in combining them with the Spanish cuisine: Mencia, Graciano, Bobal, Albariño, Verdejo, Garnacha (Grenache), Pedro Xímenez, Palomino Fino, Moscatel de Alejandría, etc.

8: With the continuation of Covid 19 has the job of promoting Spanish wines become difficult?

As in another business areas, we became more "digitalized" and the communication with partners became more on line and zoomed. But the logistic chains didn´t change.

9: Is it possible to make an artistic wine at a low price?

I think a good artistic (author) wine requires more efforts, attention and time than a mass-market product, so, by default, it can´t be positioned in a low-cost segment.

10: What do you feel is the latest innovation in the Spanish wine industry?

Many Spanish Wineries, including our Association members, stake on the ecological and sustainable production methods. We follow the world trend in this meaning.

11: Is there a wine that you used to love but that you don’t like now?


12: What is the biggest myth about Spanish wine?

That the Spanish Wine is oak-based, cheap product. But it´s totally wrong, just see and try the huge number of Spanish Wines from different regions, and for sure everyone can discover the

hidden diamonds to the personal preferences.

13: Can a person ever have too much of a good thing?

Didn´t understand well the question

14: Is there a person who stands out as a leader among the Spanish wine community?

Inside our Association there are well-known enologists, some of the recognized by Robert Parker,  but I wouldn´t point out the names no to offend other our wine-makers.

15: Why are the general public only now discovering Priorat?

Because the wine-lovers are conservative by its nature, it takes time to start "loving" some region. Some years ago Robert Parker and his journalist paid attention to Priorat. It elevated its popularity in many times, but, as usually happens, it led to the logic price increasing. Some experts consider it´s the most fashionable and trendy wine region of Spain right now.

16: Do you feel that Brexit will have an affect on Spanish wine in the United Kingdom?

At the moment it´s hard to preview the effects of Brexit, let´s see further. But it´s evident that the British people won´t stop drinking and appreciating Spanish wines.

17: It was reported a year ago that the bodegas of Jerez were being sold and that Sherry has lost popularity. Do you feel that Sherry is perceived as an old person’s wine?

We see the new birth of Sherry wines. In part, because of a good marketing strategy of DO Jerez and indeed it´s based on the waken up interest between millenials. It´s getting more and more popular among young consumers.

18: What was the biggest setback in the history of the Spanish wine industry?

The direct wine competition of Spain is Italy. I think that in some period of 20th century, in 70-80th decades, Italy won the "advertising war" after Spain. And only now Spain is revealed to the whole world as one of the wine empires, the fact backed by the popularity of Spanish cuisine.

19: There used to be a lot of links between the winemakers of Bordeaux and Spanish winemakers, but recently Spanish wine imports into France have been disrupted. How do you combat this?

France is used to consume its own product, it´s hard to combat this reality. Anyway, we are sure that Spain, with new author wines and fresh interesting samples of indigenous grapes, has much to offer, not only to France, but in other traditional European markets.

20: What is your guilty pleasure?

I can´t distinguish one wine or a region as in the case with the "stars" of our Association, not to offend anyone. I just can say that personally prefer the full-bodied red wines.

21: What is your favourite restaurant and what do you usually order to eat and drink?

There are many very good restaurants in Barcelona, but I can point out the Velódromo Tapas bar in Muntaner Street and the Tragaluz restaurant by the Paseo de Gracia. Seefood tapas with Albariño o a good steak with strong red always go well for any case, business meeting or a romantic date.

22: Do British tourists to the Costas really explore what Spanish wine has to offer, and if they don’t how would you change it?

I think that at the moment the British tourists don't use all the wine opportunities they have travelling, preferring the beach relaxing. But, when the world overcomes the covid crisis, the Spanish enotourism is very important business to be developed.

25: Which area of the wine world, besides Spain, do you most enjoy visiting?

The North of Italy, Cote d'Azur of France

28: Who should I next interview and why?

Tony, I think it would be interesting to interview one of our wine-maker, it depends on what wine region is most interesting for you and your readers.