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Tony tells why it's all White

Inglenook 2013 - Blancaneaux


Vivino tells me this is a Chablis, but I'm not getting the typical Chablis notes, except for a crispness. It has a youthful colour along with hay, nettles and gooseberry in the mouth. I really enjoyed this but feel it's still a bit young and was in need of a few more lines on its face. 4/7


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Now it's the turn of the whites

Get them down your neck

Mount Rosier Estate 2018 - The Weather Man Sauvignon Blanc


Through a variety of reasons I've lost my way with Sauvignon Blanc and this has not made me regret that decision. The label is excellent and draws you towards it, but that is as far as the excitement goes. There are odours of straw and grass that raise a mild interest, but I might be overusing the word mild here. The taste reveals a little bit of hay and spice in the mix. It's really average and gives you nothing much to ponder. 2/7

Ikon of London 2018 - Dry English Sparkling


Actually made by Denbies. Ikon of London is a newcomer to the sparkling wine arena. On the nose it's light bread and almond with additions of creamy pastry. When I taste it, it's syrupy and seems to lack bubbles. I actually find that this is more like a Prosecco than anything else. I want to like it but feel it needs a little bit more backbone. Perhaps that's due to the fact that there's no Pinot Meunier.  2/7

Leeuwin Estate 2014 - Art Series Riesling


Haven't tried too many Australian Rieslings but this was interesting. The colour was so pale that it could be ill. It smells of a fruity perfume mixed with a walk through a floral meadow. Green fruit and high acidity are in the mix with a real dryness. Then along comes the citrus, with grapefruit leading the charge. At the end there's straw and a  rewarding subtlety. 4/7

Wine Web Review

How often do you look at the websites of the wine producers of the world? If you don't know where to start, haven't got the time or want somebody else to put in the legwork then you've come to the right place. In each edition I pick a variety of sites, give them a brief stare and then tell you which ones are putting in an effort and which are putting me off.  In this edition we...

Head all over the place.


Chapel Down


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 I'm right! The page is block paragraphs that talk about members of the family, and while Château Margaux didn't need too many photographs this site is begging for them. Time to look at the other entries.

 Even I can see that this is a site laden with detail (despite my lack of French) but the whole feel is as lifeless as a dusty book hidden away in a forgotten library!

There is not one single picture to be seen anywhere, no video of beautiful vineyards shot from a swooping drone, and you can forget about building any sort of relationship with Domaine de la Romanée-Conti through its website. It feels as distant as writing to a popular rock star!

This feels like a business that doesn't really care for the casual visitor, and the website seems to reinforce this notion! It has that air of confidence in the knowledge that its wines sell to sorts who don't need to patronise a website. This Domaine needs to remember that today's casual buyer can become tomorrow's serious buyer.

I'm very disappointed by this site and think that Domaine de la Romanée-Conti really needs to take a look at its relationship with the outside world. This is the worst site I've seen since Screaming Eagle!



`Shame on you Screaming Eagle!!!'

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 So that is that! Iarision.

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